Open Challenge to Singapore’s Banks.

Many people around the world would have the impression that doing business in Singapore is amazing, simple and efficient. And for the most part, it is. But there is an exception that is now beyond justifiable reality. Small Business banking in Singapore is horrible. Systems, process and policies have most small business offerings well behind the rest of the world. So my challenge to Singapore’s banks, who is prepared to step up to the plate and build a small business offering that actually empowers business owners to build thriving, efficient companies.

What triggered this post? My current bank, Standard Chartered Bank has become the most ineffective part of running my business for two simple, but devastating inconveniences:

1. Accounts Software Integration: A simple but necessary task of any business is pulling operating accounts into their accounting system. Something that is seamless and automatic in the UK, USA and Australia. Where platforms like MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero work like clock work. In Singapore downloading statement data requires special tokens, passwords and processes that defy logic. Resulting in me having to hire someone to perform a monthly task that is automatic in the rest of the world

2. Payments Preparation; Why is it so hard to give an assistant the access to prepare, but not approve a payment? Seriously? I was doing this at ANZ in 1999 with their product ANZ Online.

So which bank in Singapore is brave enough to create service offerings that actually help, not hinder small business owners?

My task next week is to switch banks… where should I go?


  1. Rohit Dadwal

    I can’t think of a bank that will let you do what you are looking for. I have been thru the same and it is frustrating.. so your search for a great bank that will servcie you as a person and not yet another token will be interesting… let me know if you find a good bank…

    • scottebales

      The response to the challenge only confirms just how far behind the banks in Singapore are. Maybe I should built an SME bank next

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