Keywords: Digital Consumers, Consumer Behaviour, Organisational Transformation, Disruption, Digital Natives

Over the past decade our everyday life has changed with the rapid adoption of multiple lifestyle evolutions, primarily driven by technological advancement and mastery. Are hundred-year-old industry institutions ready to engage and service the modern consumer?

We take an investigative journey through the eyes of Isaac, the digital native that embodies the generational shift of cultural, behavioural and technological changes that are shaping the expectations of the modern consumer.

Exposing the cognitive zigzags of mind that lead to the formation of consumer beliefs and attachments. Investigating the impacts these have on consumers services, and how institutions in the 21st century need adapt their approach or face the same disintermediation already witnessed in other industries.

* Learn to identify and ask the right questions of the market signs that are disrupting industries
* In depth understanding of the realities that shape the modern consumer


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