Keyword Focus: Corporate Innovation, Disruption, Lean Startup, Innovation Labs

Available as a high impact keynote, half day workshop or full day seminar. Innovation Wars dives into the competitive nature of innovation in the modern organisation, to uncover the secrets to driving innovation success.

Over the past decade the corporate world has been in awe of the transformational innovation coming out of Silicon Valley. Small but brilliant ideas have disrupted traditional industries, empower new; business models, consumer sets, and digital economies. Corporate executives are now feeling the very real threat.

Silicon Valley’s success is based on some simple frameworks around capability, context and the customer. Frameworks that can unleash the powerful resources corporates have at their disposal. We take a journey through the four pillars to successful innovation, context, culture, capability and collaboration, unlocking the potential of the ‘intrapreneur‘.

Learn how to bring startup innovation models into your organisation, creating new; capabilities, innovative new products and transform the way you see your industry. Empower your organisation and workforce to pursue ideas with passion and practical tools.

Innovation Wars Takeaways

  • Learn the secrets to Silicon Valley’s success
  • Learn the capability frameworks that your organisation can leverage
  • Leave with key questions to ask of your organisation, as the first step towards a culture of innovation.
  • Simple practical tools for you to implement immediately


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