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Brant Cooper, Author 

The Power of Rapid Experimentation

Ideas don't require resources, and everybody has ideas. What makes an idea valuable is the method or execution of that idea by a team. The key is finding a niche of early adopter segment to work with on a product…

Dinosaurs Chasing Unicorns

Inside the world of corporate innovation. Traditionally, big businesses compete with each other in an effort to secure greater market share. Their modus operandi? Making sustained improvements to their products and services. In the past, the ones who did this better,…

Passionate Problem Solving

The best entrepreneurs and innovators have a deep passion for what they are doing. Whether it's ending world hunger, or enabling faster payments, the individual behind it jumps out of bed each morning eager to get to work. I continually…

Giving Employees Purpose to Drive Innovation

We have discussed before how helpful maintaining a culture of innovation in the office is. But how else can you squeeze out more brilliant ideas from your employees? A part of what I’ve previously discussed, we should give our employees…

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