Scott Bales is a global leader in the cutting edge arena known as “The Digital Shift”, encompassing innovation, culture, design, and mobility in a world gone digital. As thought leader, Scott thrives on the intersection between cultural and behavioural changes in the face of technology advancement. His practical approach to understanding behaviour, technology and trends, make him a valuable contributor to in connecting your objectives with the market.

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  • Scott is himself on the stage, as a passionate individual and a rare industry leader in the intersection of banking, technology and trend. His talk conveys so much of his passion, energy and insight. Simply contagious!

    Next Bank Asia Singapore 2012
  • Scott is obviously passionate about mobile commerce. His content is industry-forward and delivery, energetic and engaging. He is not afraid to take side, express and defend an opinion.

    Mobile Commerce Summit Singapore 2012
  • Scott is an impressive speaker in the digital marketing space. He’s highly captivating and has this uncanny ability to engage the audience throughout his entire presentation. I would definitely like to see more of him and to invite him to speak at future events.

    Wendy Yung
  • Scott holds great insight into the disruptive dynamics at play in the ongoing mobile revolution. Scott frames the emerging expectations of customers and the disconnect in businesses in meeting those needs.

    Steve Monaghan, Regional Director – Head of Edge (Group Innovation) at AIA
  • Working with Scott was an absolute pleasure. Scott was a keynote speaker and roundtable host at The Mobile Show 2014 and his entire participation from start to finish was excellent. His topic was a highlight of the agenda and his interactive presentation format was the source of much praise. From my side working with Scott pre and during the event was easy and enjoyable and I will definitely be working with him again in the future.

    Chloe Higman, Project Director at Terrapinn

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